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Eat the Rich

Eat the Rich

The Eat the Rich is a twist on the Distortion+ -- two of 'em, in fact! A soft-clipping preamp stage drives a modified AMZ 2-knob tone stack, and all of this is amplified again through a traditional hard-clipping stage. It can sound anywhere from a mellow 60's overdrive to a jangly fuzz to a square-wave full on sonic-assault. 


  • Red LEDs for Soft-Clipping, and Schotkky Diodes for Hard-Clipping.
  • The classic mids-hump of the Distortion+ combined with the mids-boost/cut of the AMZ 2-knob tone stack.


The Eat the Rich is also the Swamp Witch charity pedal. Profits from every sale will go toward a rotating charity, with special focus on LBGTQ and POC (Black, Latinx, and Asian to name a few [in America]). These groups are overrepresented in the houseless population, and face greater discrimination because of it. I will be periodically posting donation-totals to maintain transparency!

Featuring photography by Quincy Masters and art by Elaine Schoaf

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